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At Little Falls General Rental we have the equipment and tools for any sized project or event. No matter the job, from simple home repair to landscaping, re-siding to shingling, excavating to lawn beautification, we have the knowledge and equipment to get your project well underway.


Service - Equipment Rental

Our number one goal is to serve customers to the best of our abilities. This includes listening to their needs and recommending the best tool or piece of equipment for the job. Once the most suitable item is selected we then take the time to fully educate our customers on how to properly use the equipment to maximize safety and effectiveness.


Service - It's What We're All About

Renting the right equipment to match the job at hand and ensuring your ability to use the item is what sets us apart from other rental locations. Since 1980 Little Falls General Rental has been providing superior products, excellent customer service and a wide selection of in-stock rental equipment. We strive to make your renting experience pleasant, hassle-free and as effective as possible.